Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Flooring

Concerns about sustainability are transforming the way we build our houses. From construction materials to decorative accessories, customers are being bombarded with new eco-friendly flooring products every day. Here we highlight some of the best options for sustainable and eco-friendly floor coverings.

Wood Floor Products

“Wood Floor Finishes”

If you are thinking of purchasing engineered prefinished wood floors for your new or existing home, here is some information that may help. Prefinished wood flooring when first introduced was very different than the products that are … Read More »


Antique Hardwood tips

“Out with the Antique Hardwood, in with the…not so fast…”

The latest craze in wood flooring appears to be the trend by manufacturers to produce antique wood flooring and rustic wood flooring products. Not too long ago, here in south … Read More »