Materials define our interior spaces not only on an aesthetic level, but increasingly in terms of functionality and performance. Here we outline some of the key advantages of hardwood flooring and themes that are driving material development in area of flooring surfaces.

Durability and Resistance are Among Main Hardwood Flooring Advantages

Boasting 100% water resistance, modern types of wood flooring can be used in the most demanding environments including gyms, restaurants and retail environments without the typical swelling or damage.

Offering the perfect fusion of beautiful design and extreme wear resistance, the durability of new range of flooring is enforced through a 50-year product guarantee. The impressive list of key properties also includes impact, water and fire resistance, sound reduction, antistatic, antimicrobial, wear and scratch protection.

Materials with increased durability and damage resistance respond to an increasing demand for surfaces that offer greater usability and prolonged life expectancy. Durability and resistance are among the key advantages of hardwood flooring. Also read more about eco-friendly and sustainable flooring.

Strength and stability

Think of petrified wood, preserved underground in an oxygen-free atmosphere, minerals slowly replacing its organic materials, essentially turning wood into stone. This process can take 100 years naturally, but can now be created artificially. Rectified wood was invented in the 1970s and enjoyed popularity in ski resorts and chalets before falling out of favor. However, with today’s indoor-outdoor hybrid living spaces, rectified wood is making a comeback. Essentially, the water has been baked out of the wood at high temperatures, in an oxygen-free atmosphere, making the wood 100% stable, durable and rot-proof, perfect for humid environments such as bathrooms, kitchens and terraces.

Surface treatments

Hygiene and general well being is another obstacle for the seamless merging of living spaces, but hardwood flooring installers are tackling this area too. Wooden flooring needs to be protected from grease, dirt and humidity by treating it with a suitable finish.

  • The natural properties of the wood can be enhanced by brushing the surface and adding clear oils, stain or lacquer.
  • Staining can be used to enhance the wood’s natural tones or inject a brighter palette.
  • Floorboards can be finished in white soap, creating a lighter shade.

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