Starting the repair works, one will probably think about the flooring. Tile, linoleum, natural or artificial stone, cork, glass or metal – a lot of options to choose, but still wood is the most popular material. Some people are sure of their choice, the others hesitate, what’s better: hardwood flooring or laminate flooring. Each type has its own position in the market and its own customers, each has its pro and cons, and sometimes it can be difficult to make a choice. Let’s try to make it clear.

What about Laminate Flooring?


Laminate vs. Hardwood FlooringSpecialists argue, that there was no good laminate a few years ago. The lifetime of it was too short, 1.5 years maximum. Today the quality and durability have become much better.


Today laminate is more abrasion resistant, shock and fire resistant than earlier. In TV-commercials they throw small weights on laminate, demonstrating it is firm. For sure it is, but one should be careful with its edges, they can be broken easily. Laminate is good for those, who often moves from place to place, because it is best before 5-6 years of usage and is comparatively cheap.


Although, specialists warn of a low-budget laminate, because it can get sodden and collapse. Expensive waterproof collections are able to resist water. Also cheap laminate may have a look of linoleum, because of equal design of each pattern. Laminate setting is comparatively easy, but, when incorrect, it can cause squeaks.


The Pros and Cons of Hardwood Flooring


Laminate vs. Hardwood FlooringConcerning hardwood flooring, there should be no problems with setting because the executive is responsible for the whole operation. The great advantage of wood is the benefit it provides to the health and mood. It radiates positive vibrations, providing ideal terms for living.


Natural origin and ecological compatibility of wood can scarcely be overestimated. Wood is calm and mild, so it can warm a most extreme or minimalistic interior. Combining it with new technologies, methods of setting, wood has a great variety of ways to be decorated.


Wood has a lot of other advantages. It is light, heat-insulating, practical, solid and lasting.


Hardwood is hydroscopic, which means it can absorb and produce moisture. That is very important for health, because it provides a constant humidity level. Hydroscopicity can be also considered as a disadvantage, because it can cause wood deformation. It is caused by the changes of temperature and humidity. The problem can be solved easily with a special treatment of wood. The most damp-proof breeds of wood are oak, teak, marabou and other trees with an amount of natural oils.


Floors are usually made of solid types of wood: larch, oak, beech, birch and others. These breeds are more resistant to mechanical influence, which make them easy to take care of.


Hardwood flooring is a sign of nobility and stability of a family or a company. It does not only decorate, but also shows the status of the owner.


Our Conclusion


But whatever you choose – hardwood flooring or laminate, trust the specialist’s opinion. That concerns the choice and setting of the hardwood floors as well. Only a professional shall and will guarantee the highest quality of the job done.


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