When purchasing laminate flooring you will also need to purchase underlayment.  This is the padding that will need to be installed between the sub surface and the Laminate itself.

Depending again on quality (IIC and STC ratings, moisture protection etc) this could range from $.30 to .79 per square foot.


IIC rating (impact insulation class) – is reflecting sound impact of the surface, or how well sound waves travel through a floor to the room below.

STC rating – air or sound transmission rating that identifies how well your floor is insulated.


TLaminate Flooring Underlaymenthe type of padding used and their respective ratings largely but not solely determine if the laminate floor will sound hollow when walked on, as well as how sound will transfer from impact (dropping something, normal traffic, etc).  This is especially important in second floor applications, condos and high rises.


Most condos where laminate floors are being installed require data test sheets showing proof of respective ratings before the installation can be performed. All jobs requiring permitting must have this data sheet from the manufacturer.


Most condos require a minimum IIC and STC rating of somewhere between 50-59.  This rating would be more consistent of a better quality padding priced somewhere between $.39 and .59 per sq. ft.


All of the padding we use at Morwood Flooring has a rating of 74 priced at $.59 per sq. ft.


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