“Out with the Antique Hardwood, in with the…not so fast…”

The latest craze in wood flooring appears to be the trend by manufacturers to produce antique wood flooring and rustic wood flooring products. Not too long ago, here in south Florida, if you wanted a wood floor that looked like an antique wood floor or something more rustic and worn or something that looked like old barn wood flooring, you had to have some ingenuity. You would have had to scrape, scathe, scratch, and fade it manually; then install it in your home yourself. Or you would have had to hire someone to do this for you; which would get to be pricey! Actually Boca Raton Florida and what we know today as Palm Beach County is where some of the leading manufacturers have begun to produce these types of specialty wood flooring products. In today’s hardwood and engineered wood flooring world, there are numerous choices of prefinished wood flooring, hand-scraped wood flooring, engineered wood flooring and even laminate simulated wood flooring products that feature that distinctive chain beaten or rough sawn, hand-scraped look….you name it, you can get it.


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