“Wood Floor Finishes”

If you are thinking of purchasing engineered prefinished wood floors for your new or existing home, here is some information that may help. Prefinished wood flooring when first introduced was very different than the products that are produced today in a number of different ways. Number one was the type of wood floor finish used way back when; which was primarily a baked-in seal, a wax type of coating system. Today’s wood floor finishes are almost exclusively an Ultra-Violet Cured Urethane finish. UV Cured urethanes have the majority of the finish coatings laying on top of the surface as more of a protective coating. Because of the technology now available, most would agree that today’s installation of prefinished wood flooring products are far superior to the original prefinished floors first introduced decades ago. Wood Flooring today is an investment that will add value to your home and require very little upkeep.


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