Wood Floor Installation

No matter how beautiful a floor covering is, the true quality of the floor will only be realized once it is installed. Your flooring selection may be of the highest quality and most aesthetically pleasing to you, but the bottom line is the last person who will handle your product before it becomes your new floor is your installer. It is the responsibility of the installers to bring the knowledge and skills necessary to correctly install your new floor. Wood Floor installation is a responsibility that the Morwood Flooring installations teams take very seriously.

We love our craft. We are Wood Floor Installers. We are certified and trained in our field and capable of incorporating and advancing in all correct techniques of Wood Floor Installation. We continue provide the highest quality of installation service to our exclusive South Florida community. We are committed to excellence in our craft and in ensuring that the job is done in a timely manner, never forsaking quality or service.

We are committed to standing by our wood floor installations and want you to feel secure in having chosen Morwood Flooring for your very important wood floor installation. As such we provide all of our clients with a lifetime warranty on the installation of their new wood floors.

Remember, poor installation can cause a variety of long term, ongoing problems with your new wood floor. Buckling, sagging, peaking and gapping, to name a few, can eventually cause your new wood floor to fail. When a Certified Morwood Flooring installer performs your installation, you can be at peace because the job will be done right!


Wood Flooring

Wood Flooring is what we do! We invite you to view a world of wood flooring so that you can choose that which best suits your needs. We inventory large varieties of beautiful textures and colors in all species of wood flooring from the finest manufacturers around the world. From true solid hardwoods to engineered wood flooring, prefinished hardwood, bamboo and composite wood, our resource and distribution ability sets up our homeowners to get the best possible quality, savings and pricing guaranteed.


Crown Molding

Finish work is our signature. Crown Molding installation always provides that extra, aesthetically pleasing touch and makes for an elegant transition from your wall to ceiling. We take great care in providing the very necessary attention to detail and finish when it comes to the installation of your new decorative molding.

Whether it's Crown Molding, Base Board, Chair Rail or Decorative Molding of any kind, we provide a wide and beautiful selection in many different varieties, styles and sizes.


Stair Cases

One of our premier services is in the design and installation of various wood stair systems and railings. Our team has over 40 years of experience in the custom design and installation of oak, maple, walnut, and specialty hardwood stair systems.

We will remodel your existing staircase or perform the new construction. We do everything from framing free standing stairs, to budget line wall-rails, to capping iron rail spiral stair systems. We are experts when it comes to the detailed tailoring of the finished product. Whether we are completing a phase of production or customizing your design, you are guaranteed the best quality, on time, service and all at the best price!


In Home Consultation

The in home consultation program is an extremely profitable time for our consumer. We have designed this time specifically to learn your vision for your home as well as to answer every question as it pertains to your flooring project.

In addition to providing you with exact material square footage, we'll ask you a variety of questions designed to further inform you. Together, we will perform a jobsite evaluation to determine what type of transition moldings you may need as well as explore the different options for the necessary finish moldings.

Finally, we bring a variety of flooring samples with a broad range of textures, species and colors to the home for your inspection and review. If need be, we can schedule a one on one appointment at our showroom. One thing is certain, at the end of our time together, you will be thoroughly informed and better equipped to make the right decisions for you.